Should you Switch to Eco Dental Floss?

Keep your Teeth & Gums Healthy Without the Environmental Impact!

               We are constantly urged by dentists to take dental hygiene more seriously and to floss regularly. Besides the regular old plastic and plastic-packaged floss, we can choose from a wide array of other options as well, including floss picks or interdental brushes, most of which are all single-use and incredibly wasteful as they can’t be recycled and usually end up in the landfill.


                Most plastic dental floss is made from nylon or Teflon – neither of which is biodegradable. It doesn’t just pollute our planet once tossed away, it can also damage plumbing if flushed down the drain or the toilet. Thankfully, we don’t need to sacrifice the environment (and the plumbing in our home) to keep up a good dental hygiene habit. We can now ditch plastic in favour of more eco-friendly and fully biodegradable eco dental floss.


                   On our website, we offer two options: bamboo charcoal dental floss and corn dental floss. Both are manufactured in a way that is much more eco-friendly than any plastic option on the market. Both are also cruelty-free, contrary to some other natural options made from silk. The two both come in glass jars with a plastic lid but once you use up your floss, you can order the next one without packaging and insert it in the jar you’ve used for your previous floss.