Skip the Plastic with our Bamboo Cotton Swabs

Say No to Plastic!

    As a picture of a seahorse holding on to an old plastic q tip circulated the internet a few years ago, more of us started considering the environmental impact of items we use on an everyday basis.  A plastic cotton swab that we only use for a few seconds will be left in the landfill or the ocean for hundreds of years, slowly falling apart into microscopic plastic particles and endangering marine life.

    Thankfully, as of October 2020, the sale of plastic cotton swabs is officially banned in England, along with some other wasteful plastic items such as plastic stirrers of straws. This is some amazing news for the environment, as an estimated amount of billion plastic cotton swabs was being used in England every year. 

    So, what is the alternative to plastic cotton swabs? Our bamboo cotton swabs, not only are they plastic-free but also more sustainable than the paper option.

    Benefits of Bamboo Cotton Buds

    100% Biodegradable and Compostable

    Bamboo cotton buds are made from a bamboo stick and natural soft cotton. This means that they are fully compostable. They can decompose in your backyard or home compost slowly, or much faster at an industrial composting facility where higher heat, humidity, access to oxygen and the right microorganisms facilitate faster decay.

    The Power of Bamboo

    Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on our planet. It grows incredibly fast, without the need for much water or any fertilizers. It can get by perfectly fine even in nutrient-poor soil and tolerates changes in temperature extremely well. As the bamboo grows, it also helps filter CO2 and toxic particles out of our air as well as producing oxygen for us to breathe. 

    Sustainable Packaging


    The bamboo cotton buds you’ll find on our website come in sustainable paper packaging without any plastic windows, which makes the entire product completely plastic-free. Like the cotton buds themselves, you can also compost the packaging in your at-home compost or send them to an industrial compost with your kitchen waste.

    Practical and Easy to Use

    If you’ve tried cotton buds with a paper stick before, you’ve probably noticed that they are a bit of a pain to use because of the paper stick bending as you’re using the swab end. Contrary to that, our bamboo cotton buds are much higher quality and the bamboo stick will hold stronger than plastic without bending.


    Ocean Friendly

    We strongly discourage people from flushing their sustainable buds down the toilet – or disposing of them in any way that’s not composting or, alternatively, throwing them in the trash. However, if by any accident (for example if your trash is sent to landfill which is badly managed) the bamboo swabs do end up in the ocean, they are not nearly as dangerous to sea life as the plastic ones.

    They do not release any plastic particles into the surrounding environment and decompose much faster, leaving nothing behind.


    Use and Disposal

    Our cotton buds can be used for other purposes than to clean one’s ears – they’re often helpful when putting on makeup, arts and crafts or multiple other situations. They are a simple biodegradable, eco friendly alternative to plastic! they look amazing and do the job properly!

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