Charming Coconut Bowls

Minimal Waste

 The production of coconut bowls does not create waste, they are made from coconut shells which would often be discarded otherwise. Finding another purpose for them not only makes sense from the sustainability point of view, but also gives another income to coconut farmers without them having to plant any more trees.

Light and Portable 

Coconut bowls are very light and portable, more than any other material! This is great for several reasons.

This makes it so that it is easy to take the bowl with you wherever you go, helping you reduce your waste when buying takeout, eating at festivals or while camping. Plus, since they weigh next to nothing, they are ideal for hiking trips where you have to carry all your supplies in one backpack!

From Earth 

Coconut bowls are made out of a natural, safe and non-toxic material and aren’t treated with any chemical polishes either.  They are 100% biodegradable and can fully return to the earth after the long years you can use them for.

When you put it all together, coconut bowls support every single pillar of sustainability: the environmental (reduced waste, reusable etc), the social (by supporting coconut farmers) and the economic (farmers can get more products out of their coconut trees, the local region flourishes economically).

Caring for your Coconut Bowls

Caring for coconut bowls is quick and easy and it can help extend the lifespan of your bowl by a lot.

Things to Avoid

  • Coconut bowls should not be left sitting in water or washed in the dishwasher, as they do not do well if they stay in contact with water for a long time.
  • They also do not like sudden changes in temperature, so refrain from putting them in the freezer or pouring boiling water in them. These quick temperature changes are what could cause your bowl to crack, which is definitely not something you want.   

It is a good idea to also keep your coconut bowls away from the microwave, just to be on the safe side.

Maintenance Tips

  • Wash it right after using with natural dish soap and leave to dry. This is crucial – do not let the bowl sit in water for long periods of time. It could lead to mould or cracking, which you definitely want to avoid.
  • When coconut bowls are made, they are polished with coconut oil, instead of any chemical polishes which wouldn’t be safe for your health. This means that, after every 15 to 20 uses, you need to re-polish the bowl with coconut oil as well. This will keep your bowl looking great and lasting a long time.



How could you not fall in love with a sustainable product that is so good for the planet in many different ways? Coconut Bowls are a wonderful addition to your life, not only are they sustainable, green and reusable, they are also unique and beautiful.