Our Wooden Soap Dish: A Must Have for Every Sustainable Bathroom

                    A wooden soap dish should not be missing from any sustainable bathroom. It is an inexpensive and easy way to extend the lifespan of your natural soap bar and an eco-friendly alternative to similar plastic products.



In this blog, we talk about why a wooden soap dish is the way to go, how it helps you save money and the environment and how to care for your wooden soap dish. 

Whats so Good About it?

Wood is a renewable resource Firstly, it drains much better than any other wooden soap dish. This means that no soap residue will accumulate on the dish and all water will flow away through the bottom, keeping your soap perfectly dry.



Secondly, the ladder-style wooden soap dish is made using less wood than a soap dish with ridges, making it the perfect eco-friendly alternative from manufacturing, through use, to disposal.

The Problem with Plastic

As you probably know, plastic is usually made from crude oil, the extraction of which is tied to  many environmental and ethical issues, including oil spills, pollution from refining the oil, or the mistreatment of workers.

After the final plastic product is made, it is usually only used for a few years before it is discarded. Many plastics products such as soap dishes cannot be recycled (and those that can be recycled will lose quality through the process) and so they are headed straight to the landfill, where they can stay for hundreds of years, slowly falling apart into smaller plastic particles and never fully degrading.



How to care for your Wooden Soap Dish

  • Don't let it sit in water, as it begin to absorb it, resulting in a shorter lifespan, splinters or decay. 
  • Keep it on the edge of the bathtub or side of the sink - to allow for the water from the soap to flow and drain out.
  • The soap dish will also benefit from occasional oiling, to help it maintain its colour and last a long time.
  • Simply apply a thin layer of any vegetable oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil, every few weeks.
That is all there is to the care for a wooden soap dish – so why not give it a try?