Making a Start to a more Sustainable Future - Bamboo Straws

The Start of it All!

Bamboo straws were one of the first eco products I ever bought. Which, in turn helped to start me on my ever expanding eco journey.

I have to say I was very sceptical about using bamboo straws. Would it make the drinks taste funny? Could I put them in the dishwasher? 

I don’t need to repeat the countless articles explaining the detrimental environmental impact of something as small as a plastic straw. Which is why I thought it was a wise choice to try alternatives for my homemade smoothies and cocktails.

The Straws

The straws are very durable and well made. Before using them they must be cleaned with the provided straw cleaner, it's a quick easy job and as you do it you'll notice some of the bamboo residue being cleared away. After this, rinse thoroughly and pop it into any drink! I prefer to use them in my daily fruit smoothie.

I was pleasantly surprised with the natural feel when using these straws, there was no funny taste from the straws so it didn’t take any time to get used to whatsoever.

After finishing with the straws, I cleaned it with the straw cleaner and rinsed them out in the sink with water and then left them to dry ready for tomorrows smoothie!

Bamboo is a highly resistant wood and suitable for any type of drink. They don't require any special care apart from being cleaned with the cleaner post use, and don't go soggy like paper straws.

They also are not treated with harsh chemicals. The straws come from a variety of shoots, so they will be unique in colour and diameter.