Bread Bag, BPA Free, Recyled Plastic
Bread Bag, BPA Free, Recyled Plastic
Bread Bag, BPA Free, Recyled Plastic
Bread Bag, BPA Free, Recyled Plastic

Bread Bag, BPA Free, Recyled Plastic

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Plastic Bread Bag: Freezer friendly, rPET BPA - free and made with recycled plastic bottles. Size - 40x27 cm. Double layered with a pull out lining to protect against freezer burn and to help keep bread fresh.

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How to keep Bread Fresh Without Waste

Help to keep you bread tasting fresh with our beautiful bread bags that do their bit for the environment. Simply place your made or store-bought bread into the bag. Fold the top of the bag over then clip to hold into place.

So this great product not only helps to keep your bread for longer resulting in less food waste, it is also made from recycled bottles that would have otherwise ended up on landfill.

Key Info

- Size 40x27cm

- Buckle for opening and closing the bag

- A pull out inner lining for easy cleaning

- 10 recycled plastic bottles rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) used for production

- BPA Free

- Keeps bread fresher for longer

- Freezer proof

These bags will go perfectly with the bread produced from a home breadmaker. 


PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate and RPET stands for recycled polyethylene terephthalate. PET plastics are used in single use bottles, we rescue the bottles from landfill by using these recycled plastic food safe bottles for our bread bag materials. In the recycling plants the bottles are cleaned sorted and transformed into RPET flakes. The flakes are dried then cut into smaller pieces to pellets. At another production facility the material is used to make our bread bag fabric.

We only ship using biodegradable recyclable packaging. 

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