Coconut Gift Bundle

Coconut Gift Bundle

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We love finding great products made from items that would have been otherwise thrown away. Our coconut bundle is the perfect gift for the eco-conscious. The bundle consists of a coconut bowl and spoon, brilliant for fruit and morning smoothies with a soy wax coconut candle (you can pick from lavender, Jasmine or Mixed Berries).

- Roughly a 40-50 hour burn time.

- Candle Weight: 350-400g, Size (Average): 11x11x8cm

- Bowl Average: 12 cm diameter.

- Do not use shell in microwave or dishwasher

- Made from soy wax with wooden wick.

- Made from discarded coconut shells.

- Candle Made In China.

- Bowl and Spoon Made in Vietnam.



The coconut shell is sanded down so the hairs are removed. The tip is then filed to give a bowl like appearance, any edible insides are then carved out and the inside is sanded down. The coconut bowls are polished in coconut oil giving them a smooth finish.  

Soy wax is produced from soy bean oil. The soybean is harvested and then a 4 stage process is undertaken: cleaning, cracking, re-hulling and rolling. Once this has taken place the flakes are pressed and hydronated to solidify at room temperature.

We only ship using biodegradable recyclable packaging. 

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