Coconut Husk Backed Cellulose Dish Sponge
Coconut Husk Backed Cellulose Dish Sponge

Coconut Husk Backed Cellulose Dish Sponge

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Our biodegradable and compostable coconut scourer is backed with a cellulose sponge. It is a great alternative for those trying to ditch synthetic wasteful plastic sponges. The coconut husk sourer is stitched on with cotton thread for good durability to ensure long lasted use. Our cellulose sponges are great for soaking up your washing liquid and creating a sud filled clean and the scourers significantly helps to remove those stubborn stuck on food on surfaces and dishes.

- Multi- Purpose, can be used on surfaces or even as a soap dish.

- Non Scratch.

- Size (8x5cm).

- Compostable and Biodegradable.

- Made in India.

Cellulose sponges consist of wood pulp, sodium sulphate, and hemp, bleach, dye and chemical softeners used to reduce the cellulose. Cellulose sheets arrive to the factories where they are mixed with water and softeners to break down into a jelly where it is then poured into a large mould.

 Here the mixture is heated, and the sodium sulphate melts away to form the sponge pores. The sponge is finally bleached to remove dirt, dyed and cut. As the main mould and the sponges are rectangular there is little or no waste.

Our Cellulose sponges contain no plastic and can be used repeatedly. When disposed, they will compost or biodegrade making them a brilliant eco-friendly alternative.

The scourers are made from sustainably farmed coconut husk and a rubber latex which helps bond it together. The production of scourers does not create waste, and the husk they were made from would have been discarded otherwise.

Unlike plastic sponges, they do not release any microplastic particles into the water when it is used, or after being disposed of. It is 100% biodegradable, which means that it can be returned to the earth with no negative effects on the environment.

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