4 Pcs Silicone Food Covers Pack
4 Pcs Silicone Food Covers Pack-New Living

4 Pcs Silicone Food Covers Pack

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Uk food waste comes in the food manufacture, retail and wholesale sectors. In 2015 all of this amounted to around 10 million tonnes3 worth of waste. 
70% of this figure was intended to be consumed by people (30% being the ‘inedible parts’). This had a value of over £20 billion a year and would be associated with more than 25 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

These silicone food lids increase the amount of time the cut food item takes to dry out. Hence decreasing the amount of waste from the food and packaging.

Just place the lid with a similar diameter over the item you wish to preserve, then place into the fridge.

Have you ever wanted just half a can of your favourite fizzy drink? and you end up throwing the other half away because the fizz has gone. Place a silicone cover over the top of it to keep the fizz for longer. 

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Key Info

-Size: Dia: 11cm/4.33in, Dia: 9cm/3.54in, Dia: 8cm/3.14in, Dia: 6.5cm/2.6inch

-Silicone food safe material

-BPA Free & non toxic

-Heat Proof up to 600 degrees F

-Dishwasher Microwave & Freezer Safe


Use on cut fruits, veggies, cans, jars and much more. 


Developed in the 1940’s Silicone is a relatively new material in the kitchen world. Silicone comes from silicon which is one of the most abundant materials on Earth (28% of the earth’s crust, so there is a lot of it!), it can be used as a new kitchen plastic alternative for many items. Silicone is a polymer made up of materials like sand combined with oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. Once produced the silicone material is cut into appropriate pieces for the covers and placed into the cover moulds at high heat. The moulds are compressed so the material can take the lid shape, then removed and left to dry.

Unlike plastic silicone is not made from petroleum-based chemicals and will not release microplastics into our oceans.

Silicone is completely BPA Free and will not melt till easily over 600 degrees and is freezer proof.

Silicone cannot be seen as being the answer to all of our problems; The material will not biodegrade and has a very large energy consumption manufacture process involving industrial blast furnaces. However, plastic materials are part of our everyday life due to their ease of moulding manufacturing and manipulations, making the use of silicone much better for our environment rather than using traditional plastics.

We only ship using biodegradable recyclable packaging. 

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